N.E. Ohio owned and operated.
Here at Lunge Lumber Lures, each bait is fully CNC machined for unmatched consistency.
Lunge Lumber products are all made from  hand selected Red Oak and feature Stainless Steel thru
wire construction using .063" (1/16) Dia.  316SS spring temper wire.
100% Made in the USA: all components used to manufacture these baits are made in
America , even the CNC's and there drives are US made. Gotta Love It!
New for 2015 the Prowler is available in a full SINKING model that sinks a little over 1
foot per second. This bait was tested on the St. Lawrence river with great success, see
pics below. This year the Prowler is available in the original unweighted , weighted ,
neutrally buoyant and sinking version. They all have the same awesome walk the dog
type action .
The best of luck in your 2015 season and welcome any customer photos for the gallery.